“TOP PICK, GIFT GUIDE. Societal woes are deftly handled. The Adventures of Unemployed Man is a satirical look at politics, the economy and superheroes—though not necessarily in that order.”

New York Times

“BEST NEW GRAPHIC NOVELS. Ingeniously illustrated and garnished with trenchant social commentary… funniest economic primer ever written.” Read more…


“BEST FICTION BOOKS. An absurdly funny and very smart take on the roots and effects of the recession.” Read more…

San Francisco Chronicle

“Hilarious, clever, very relevant, and remarkably insightful and thought-provoking.” Read more…


“Exposes, with laugh out loud yet sophisticated wit, the desperate situation many Americans find themselves in today.” Read more…

USA Today

“A beautiful graphic novel, this really is a high-quality piece of work.” Read more…


“This is the smartest and most comprehensive social critiques I’ve read in years.” Read more…


“Thoughtful, uproariously witty, and brilliantly successful on every level.”

Library Journal

“GRAPHIC NOVEL OF THE MONTH. Furious, fearless… Astounds with its wit and amazes with its perspicacity. It should be read by everyone.” Read more…

The Observer

“A parody to end all self-parody presidencies… Bush’s favorite kiddie book in times of crisis may be The Pet Goat, but mine is now Origen and Golan’s Goodnight Bush… This is a very funny book, even if it may induce nightmares instead of sweet dreams.”

The Village Voice

“BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL OF THE YEAR. Origen and Golan have one hell of a story on their hands, and it couldn’t have been told better by anyone else.” Read more…

Graphic Novel Reporter

“Perfectly conceived in both tone and design… a perfect assessment f the economic difficulties in which many of us find ourselves.”

Pop Matters

“CRITICS PICK. Seldom have an administration’s failings been set to such a lulling cadence.”


“This brilliant book has a good chance of overshadowing the mountains of cartoons and satires dealing with President Bush’s two terms in office as the finest satire of his unfortunate presidency. If the editors of “The New Yorker” want a lesson in satire, they should read this book. It is a chilling delight.”

Daily Item

“This might be one of the greatest works of fiction of all time ever—up there with the Bible, the Constitution, and those books about the blonde siblings who slept together in their attic.”

Black Book Magazine

“I would love for Stephen Colbert to tuck me in tonight and read me this bedtime story.”