Together with Gan Golan, Erich Origen is the New York Times bestselling author of several graphic humor books, including Goodnight Trump and Goodnight Bush and The Adventures of Unemployed Man, which “should be read by everyone” (The Observer) because they are “thoughtful, uproariously witty, and brilliantly successful on every level” (Library Journal). Origen’s writing and videos were voted “Immortal” on Funny Or Die. Regretfully, he holds a BA in film and television writing from the University of Southern California.

Goodnight Trump

Say goodnight to America’s man-child-in-chief with this wickedly funny parody. In “the very classy room” you’ll find a drawer full of subpoenas, a Russian nesting doll that opens page by page to reveal a secret message, a thriving swamp just outside his window, and much more. Available wherever books are sold.

The Adventures of Unemployed Man

Available wherever books are sold.

The Adventures of Unemployed Man is a hilarious and brilliant graphic novel done in the style of classic superhero comics. The book quickly became a national and international bestseller—the French translation, Les aventures d’Ultra-Chômeur, is printed in both a standard edition (2013) and special edition (2016).

The art is done by such comics masters as Ramona Fradon, Rick Veitch, Michael Netzer, Terry Beatty, Josef Rubenstein, Benton Jew, Thomas Yeates, Shawn Martinbrough, Clem Robins, Tom Orzechowski, Thomas Mauer and Lee Loughridge.

Press and praise:

TOP PICK: NY TIMES GIFT GUIDE. “Societal woes are deftly handled. THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN is a satirical look at politics, the economy and superheroes—though not necessarily in that order.”

—New York Times

BEST FICTION BOOKS. “Any number of recent books, from 13 BANKERS to TOO BIG TO FAIL, can give readers a comprehensive explanation of how the American economy crashed. But how many of these works feature superheroes in tights? An ABSURDLY FUNNY and VERY SMART TAKE ON THE ROOTS AND EFFECTS OF THE RECESSION.” Read more…

—San Francisco Chronicle

GRAPHIC NOVEL OF THE MONTH. “This Swiftian telling of the recession story is a tonic for the toiling classes…This book is so good it might cause a rare outbreak of shame among the ruling classes…Gaze on it and weep, guys.” Read more…

The Guardian



“A BEAUTIFUL graphic novel, this really is a HIGH-QUALITY piece of work.” Read more…


“Exposes, with LAUGH OUT LOUD YET SOPHISTICATED WIT, the desperate situation many Americans find themselves in today.” Read more…

USA Today

This is the SMARTEST and MOST COMPREHENSIVE SOCIAL CRITIQUE I’ve read in years.” Read more…




“PERFECTLY CONCEIVED IN BOTH TONE AND DESIGN. The Adventures of Unemployed Man is a perfect assessment of the economic difficulties in which many of us find ourselves.” Read more…

Pop Matters

BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL OF THE YEAR. “Origen and Golan have ONE HELL OF A STORY on their hands, and it couldn’t have been told better by anyone else.” Read more…

Graphic Novel Reporter

“Thoughtful, uproariously witty, and BRILLIANTLY SUCCESSFUL ON EVERY LEVEL.”

Library Journal

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