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No One Can Stop You

I woke up this morning thinking about the origin story of Fellowman (pictured below). I find it both heartening and disheartening how prescient The Adventures of Unemployed Man was.

The proliferation of video cameras is really the only new thing about police brutality and indifference. Remember: No one has the legal right to stop you from recording police in action, and the police cannot ask/demand that you delete the footage from your phone/camera unless they have a warrant.

As this page points out, the system is working as intended, and it’s up to us to overthrow that system. Get to work.


Obama to Sell Southern Whites in Africa

Obama Returns from Africa with Plan to Sell Southern Whites in Africa from Erich Origen

While standing on the platform where slaves were shipped off to America, President Obama said “The lightbulb kind of went on” Obama said. “All the Southern whites in Congress, they’re descended from the same assholes who bought and sold people from Africa.”

President Obama described his new plan on the deck of a fully restored slave transit ship.

“Today I’m announcing a new plan to sell Southern white people to African countries. They will be transported in period-accurate ships from ports in Georgia and Mississippi. Now, we probably won’t be able to fit as many 300 pound lard asses in these old ships, but we’re committed to making as many trips as necessary.”

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