Financial Security for All Citizens

Golden Gate

Like many of my fellow Americans, I was horrified when the Great Recession threw back the curtain on our economy and revealed shocking inequities built into our economic system. I spent a lot of time reading data, looking at charts, and listening to personal stories. Much of that made its way into The Adventures of Unemployed Man.

This knowledge continued to percolate until one day I had a Big Idea for solving a lot of things. Obviously, I’m not an economist, financial advisor, or investment banker—although I have met a few of those people and found myself wondering (like the guy in Idiocracy): “Why am I the smartest person in the room?” So I wrote my idea down and sent it to friends less financially innumerate than me and, to my stunned satisfaction, they thought it could work.

Ready for this? I’m gonna break it down all serious-like. Continue reading “Financial Security for All Citizens”