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Dramatic Reading of DMV Document

Today I received this email request:

Dear Erich,

I’m participating in a worldwide scavenger hunt this week called GISHWHES which is an annual International scanvenger hunt, hosted by actor Misha Collins. The hunt supports Random Acts, a group that encourages people of all ages to perform their own acts of kindness wherever, and whenever, possible.

The one challenge I’m asking you is a short video:

VIDEO (15 seconds). A NYT best-selling author or Tony-award winning actor or actress doing a dramatic reading of a section of this:

If you’re interested and have some time, it would be really great if you could help us out. Please let me know. Again, thanks for your time!

So I opened the DMV site, whipped out my phone, and recorded my dramatic reading. Behold!

Dramatic Reading of DMV Document from Erich Origen on Vimeo.

Unemployed Man Lands in France

Unemployed Man can add international travel to his résumé, because the French edition of The Adventures of Unemployed Man—Les Adventures D’Ultra Chômeur—is now available in France! 

In many ways, the cognitive dissonance in the book is even funnier in the elegant French language. There’s another interesting thing about the French version…

In English, an “unemployed” man is defined by what he doesn’t have. He is simply un-employed. As a consequence of this, Unemployed Man struggles to see himself as anything other than “worthless.” Amazingly, in French, an unemployed person still has an identity as a human being! There’s even a gender-neutral word for it: chômeur

For the English title, to emphasize the humor, we did consider Ultra Unemployed Man and Super Unemployed Man, but unemployed man was already a long name. In French? Ultra Chômeur. Perfect.

Unemployed Man Headed to France

They say hope is a gift you give to yourself, but it helps to get an admiring message from a publisher in France who is translating your work—in this case, The Adventures of Unemployed Man. That’s right, in an effort to improve Franco-American relations, the book is being published in France for the first time, and really, it could be published in America TODAY and still be completely relevant. In the meantime, Gan and I will learn how to speak French from Jemaine and Bret by watching this video over and over again.

Now Appearing in Occupy Love

I was proud to see the heroes from The Adventures of Unemployed Man make a brief appearance in this trailer for Occupy Love. Specifically, when someone says the words “massive uprising of creativity.” Check it out.