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This Fall’s Hottest Bombs

The Bomb


Washington, DC—This fall’s lineup of bombs was unveiled at a star-studded runway show at the White House.

“It’s hard to remember,” said one centenarian in attendance. “But there was a time when bombs were instruments of widespread death and destruction.”

Fortunately for humankind, war has gone out of style. Bombs, however, are still in demand.

The White House bomb show featured new bombs from top designers at Lockheed-Vuitton and Comedy Central Command, following the traditional alphabet theme.

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Nelly’s Post-Apocalyptic Grandchildren Weep to “Hot in Here”

ANAHEIM, CA — The long-anticipated catastrophic ecological collapse continues to take its toll on humanity. With oxygen completely depleted from the atmosphere except at sea level, mankind clings to life in the remains of low-lying communities. One such place is Disneyland.

Underneath “The Happiest Place on Earth” shattered families survive in the park’s old service tunnels. The rides above stand as silent monuments to a “once upon a time” that may never return.

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