Colomiers: Day One


Had a great first day here yesterday at the Festival BD Colomiers wearing full Ultra Chômeur costume! Really cool group of people here.

At the table, folks who had already read Les Adventures d’Ultra Chômeur came up and were very complimentary and awesome. Several people said it was a book that young people could really relate to (the young are the most effected by chômage here). The irony was that busloads of high school kids from local schools were there, and many of them approached me because they had an assignment to interview an English-speaking author. One of the questions was: Why did you write this book? I answered, “I wanted to tell the truth about the unemployment crisis.”

I signed copies with the phrase, “Bon Courage!” and took many photos arm-in-arm with people (will post some soon).

On several occasions, when people told me their occupations, I showed them the corresponding character in the book, and they got a real kick out of that. A librarian stopped by (who looked like the brother of Jean Luc Picard) and I showed him Librarion from the Good Grief origin story. He liked the image of The Invisible Hand’s Budget Axe laying waste to the school. He said the book would be added to his library immediately.

Day Two begins shortly. Time to get up, go to the elevator, press the 0 floor button (something we don’t have in America), walk to the breakfast room, press the mocha button on the machine, and say the one French word I’ve gotten really good at saying: merci. That reminds me, I  discovered that in Français, it apparently sounds strange to answer merci with your own merci, the way we do in English when someone says “Thank you” and you reply, “Thank YOU.” There’s no second word to emphasize. Maybe I can sort that out today: How to say thank you to a thank you.